An Introduction to Flavorah

Flavorah was founded in 2013 by an officer in the US Marine who sought to help his army buddies switch from smoking to vaping. He succeeded so much that he decided to build on that vision and create a company.

Flavorah is strictly dedicated to making e-juice flavor concentrates. The company caters to the DIY market as well as large scale manufacturers of vape liquids. Flavorah does not make its own e-liquids and is not a white label vape juice manufacturer. When you buy a flavor concentrate from Flavorah, the company expects you to build on its product by combining it with vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine (optional). Flavorah’s e-liquid flavor concentrates are not designed to be vaped alone.

With that said, you will find a vast array of e-juice flavor concentrates at the Flavorah online store. The company sells bakery, fruity, dessert, beverage tobacco, and many other flavors. All Flavorah flavor concentrates are made with food-grade ingredients and diluted in ethyl alcohol or propylene glycol. They do not contain nicotine, diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, sweetener, coloring, or preservatives. Most of Flavorah’s e-juice flavor concentrates are made in the company’s 2000 square feet Kosher-grade laboratory.

Flavorah makes the kind of flavor concentrates that you can trust. Although this company makes premium flavoring, its prices are very affordable. You can get Flavorah’s flavor concentrates in a 10ml bottle or 15ml bottle. You can also get it in jugs or barrels if you want to make vape liquids in bulk. Flavorah’s flavor concentrates can last for up to a year when stored at room temperature. Flavorah ships worldwide. If you are based in the EU, the company can provide documentation to prove that its flavorings are TPD-compliant. Apart from amazing e-liquid flavor concentrates, you will also find some great e-juice recipes at the Flavorah store.

Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

CBD tinctures are one of the popular CBD products. You probably have heard a lot about them, or maybe you have even used tinctures. They offer a discreet and effective method to consume CBD. People who are searching for a quick way to get CBD into their bloodstream usually choose CBD tinctures. 

Despite its advantages, there are still reasons why some CBD enthusiasts would rather not use CBD tinctures. One of which is the unpleasant aftertaste that is left behind in your mouth. Although this can be completely avoided by using high-quality CBD tinctures. The only thing you may consider when using high-quality CBD tinctures is the slight taste of natural CBD which, when done properly, can be quite pleasant. So if you are going for CBD tinctures, make sure to go for one of high-quality.

Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

When searching for a high-quality CBD tincture, it is safe to begin by looking out for reputable manufacturers. Smilyn is one such manufacturer with a track record of making high-quality and affordable CBD products. In this article, we will bring a bSmilyn CBD Tincture to the limelight. Smilyn is a well-known health and wellness brand.

From its packaging to the uniqueness of its feel, this CBD tincture will leave you Smilyn after every application. You can trust Smilyn to present a CBD product that passes both the quality, taste and potency test.

This broad spectrum CBD tincture by Smilyn is made by harnessing scientific data to create a next-level health and wellness CBD product. It is made from organically grown, phytocannabinoid-rich, broad-spectrum hemp oil combined with Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, and natural cinnamon oil. Together, they lend broad spectrum CBD tincture by Smilyn all its incredible qualities and allow it to be absorbed quickly and delivered to your bloodstream.

Each drop of this Smilyn CBD Tincture is loaded with a mix of these essential oils to help reduce anxiety, help relieve pain (even some chronic pain cases), and soothe inflammation. All you need is to make sure you are taking the right dosage. You can easily do that by seeking professional medical advice.

Smilyn Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture Review

Broad spectrum CBD tincture by Smilyn is lab tested to make sure it contains zero percent THC, and to make sure it is free of GMO, gluten, soy, pesticides, and hard metals. 

To use a CBD tincture like this, you first need to shake the bottle and proceed to fill your dropper. Then squirt the contents under your tongue, and hold it there for about 60 seconds before swallowing.

Smilyn creates broad spectrum CBD tincture with varying strength levels. It comes in a 1oz bottle with either 500mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg of CBD, and they are priced at $39.99, $64.99 or $87.99 respectively. Another interesting thing is the array of flavors this Smilyn CBD tincture comes in. You can choose either orange CBD, lemon CBD or cinnamon CBD. You can buy any one of them st the Ready Hemp Go online store.

5 Best E-Juice Liquid Recipes That You Will Fall Instantly In Love With

The vaping market continues to grow very fast. Currently, there seems to be an e-liquid for literally every taste. With the availability and a great supply of vape juice flavors in the market, many vapers make their own e-juices by mixing the least expected ingredients. There is a wide range of e-juice liquid recipes online to experiment with.

This post will cover the best vape e-liquid recipes that are most interesting and have an original taste. It is recommended that you collect all the supplies only from verified vaping products vendors. It is not a good idea to compromise your health in the process of making your own e-juice.

How to make a DIY e-juice

The following are the steps you need to follow to make your own homemade e-liquid:

Find an interesting e-liquid recipe and study it

Find DIY vape juice recipes and select the one that you like. It is important that you understand every information contained in the recipe. The recipe may contain abbreviations. Before you start mixing anything, make sure you learn the abbreviation and any other important information.

How to measure DIY e-juice recipes ingredients

Each e-juice recipe has its own ingredients and percentages of each component. To determine the measurement you need for each element, you can use online resources like eJuice Me Up. This website will help you to translate the measurements for you. 

How to make a vape e-liquid

After measuring all the ingredients you will require for the recipe, mix them either by volume or weight. Mixing ingredients by volume requires you use different syringes for every ingredient. The bottles are also filled using the mL measurement.

Mixing by weight requires that you place the bottle on a scale and drip your e-juice flavor into the container. Measure the weight of the flavor in grams until you reach the desired percentage.

The following are the best e-juice liquid recipes that you should give a try.

Mustard Milk

This is a simple two-part e-juice recipe clone that even a vaper getting into mixing can nail. Start with mixing PG/VG/and Nic base. Add 6% of The Perfumer’s Apprentice (TPA) Strawberry and 8% of The Perfumers Apprentice (TPA) Vanilla bean ice cream. Leave the vape e-juice to steep for a couple of days up to 7-day maximum.

Cuba Libre

This is among the most popular original DIY e-juice liquid recipes. Start by mixing PG/VG/Nic base. For instance, a blend o f60/40 PG/VG. Then, add 2% of The Flavor Apprentice (TFA) brown sugar, 3% of FlavorArt glory tobacco, 3% real lime juice, 6% The Flavor Apprentice (TFA) dark or Jamaican rum, and 4% The Flavor Apprentice cola.

You have an option of vaping the juice immediately after mixing it or leave the mixture to steep for some time. To facilitate the taste, you can add a few drops of mint, blood orange, grapefruit, or orange dreamsicle.

Almond candy bar

Start by mixing your preferred PG/VG/Nic base. Add 3% The Flavor Apprentice  English toffee, 3% The Flavor Apprentice milk chocolate, 5% The Flavor Apprentice toasted almond, and 8% The Flavor Apprentice coconut. 

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is one of the premium e-juice liquid recipes that you can experience the high-end vaping experience if you closely follow the DIY e-liquid mixing instructions. To make the vape e-juice, start by mixing your preferred PG/VG/Nic base. For instance, a 20/80 PG/VG. Then, add 3% vanilla cupcake, 3% sweet cream, 3% pumpkin spice, 3% malted milk, and 7% pumpkin. After mixing, leave the e-liquid to steep for about three to four days and shake its ingredients for the blend to mix properly.

Tropical punch

Start by mixing PG/VG/Nic base according to your preference. Then, add 1% coconut candy, 2% sweet melon, 2% cranberry, 4% juicy orange and 4% lemon lime. After mixing and shaking the blend, let the e-liquid steep for several days.

As a beginner just starting out, we recommend you begin with one or two flavors that you can easily get from vape companies including Flavorah, Capella, Inawera, FlavorArt among others before progressing from there. Some of these vape companies like Flavorah also provide a starter DIY vape juice recipe that you can use together with their flavor concentrates.