PE #6 Mushroom: A Brief Introduction

PE #6 (Psilocybe cubensis var.) is a potent magic mushroom strain known for euphoric and vivid trips. PE #6 is also famous for being a Penis Envy subtype. The PE #6 strain is widely considered a finer version of the classic Penis Envy.


Unlike other strains, the origins of PE #6 are straightforward. A well-known mycologist is credited with creating PE #6. RoggerRabbit is a veteran blogger on the mushroom forum mixed Penis Envy and the Texas Cubensis to make PE #6.

RoggerRabbit made PE #6 in a quest for a potent strain that produces a lot of spores. Penis Envy is potent, while the Texas Cubensis strain has a high spore production rate. PE #6 is the best of both worlds, embodying characteristics from both parent strains. PE #6 is potent and has a high spore production rate.


PE #6 grows enormous with thick, long stems. These stems with white and light blue colors can appear twisted or curved. However, they’re strong and won’t break easily.

PE #6 has caps larger than the Penis Envy. These caps are also uniquely located close to the stem. PE #6 has grey or purple-looking gills.



PE #6 is considered one of the most potent PE #6 strains. This magic mushroom strain contains high levels of psilocybin and psilocin. It’s widely believed that PE #6 offers some of the finest visuals among other Psilocybe cubensis strains.

PE #6 trips are marked with intense euphoria, warmth, and laughter. PE #6 is one of those strains that puts you in a spiritual mood. You’ll also experience a creative burst from PE #6.

The effects of PE #6 start to kick in after 20 minutes to an hour after consumption. The psychoactive effects of PE #6 are known to be long-lasting and can go on for 4 to 6 hours.

As mentioned above, PE #6 is a potent strain and, as such, should be consumed with care. Dosing is essential when dealing with PE #6. It is best to start with slower doses and work your way up to see what works for you. Microdosing is also becoming increasingly popular.


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